Taiyo's Strengths

Taiyo’s Base

Sales / Production Bases

Sales Bases:a network covering the whole of Japan with 6domestic sales bases
We deliver products to customers across Japan
with our network of 6 sales bases.
Production Bases:Linked 6production bases in Japan
Our 6 production bases respond to
diverse needs, with our various applications.
tsuyomi2-1-en 08センター 埼玉第一工場 埼玉第二工場 埼玉第三工場 渡良瀬工場 とちぎ千塚工場

Overseas Bases

Sales network of 3 bases and 1 production base overseas

We cover Asia and Oceania with a network of 3 overseas sales bases and 1 production base.
EU, North America and South America are covered by the Head Office Export Section.We have experience in many countries including Malaysia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, USA, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.