We have listed some questions asked frequently as below.
For further inquiries, please contact us through our “sales offices” or “general inquiries”.

Concerning RoHS/ELV

Do you provide data on the content of harmful materials regulated by RoHS/ELV?
Yes, we provide it. Please ask our sales person for the necessary data on the purchased products.
(Please inform the product name and the product code)
If you purchased our product from a trading company, please request the data via that trading company.
(The information of our sales person is necessary to trace the product history. We greatly appreciate your patience on this inconvenience. )

Concerning Processing

Can you provide a product like this?
If you have drawings etc. please send to the nearest sales branch. Our sales person will correspond. You can also use the Form for inquiries.

How to purchase

I want to know the price of a Standard Product.
Please let us know the product code, quantity, and delivery requirements. Our person in charge at the nearest sales branch will reply to you.
How much is the price?
As for special ordered products, the price will vary depending on conditions so a quoted estimation will be required. Please inquire at the nearest sales branch. You can also use the form for inquiries.
Is it possible to purchase small lots?
As for the standard products, the minimum lots are available in units of small bags at appropriate. However for special ordered products, please inquire the nearest sales branch as it will vary depending on the product.


I need product catalogs.
Please give your request to our sales persow. If you do not know your sales representative, please call, fax or use the form for inquiries.