Company Information


1942 The founder, Yozaburo Umehara starts the business.
1944 Taiyo was established in Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo, under its first name, Taiyohatsujyo Co., Ltd.
1945 Transferred to Shakujii, Nerima-ku, and started the production.
1958 Changed company`s name to Taiyo Stainless Spring Co.,Ltd. (current name). Restarted with it`s capital 2 million Japanese Yen.
1958 Capital increased to 8 million Japanese Yen.
1960 Established the group company, Nasu Industry Co., Ltd.
1961 Capital increased to 32 million Japanese Yen.
1963 Established the group company, Nasu Industry Co., Ltd.
1964 Capital increased to 60 million Japanese Yen.
1965 Capital increased to 90 million Japanese Yen.
1966 Established Nagoya Branch.
1967 Established The first factory in Saitama and the group company Taiyo Automatic Machinery Mfg.Co.,Ltd.
1967 Established Osaka Branch.
1969 Established Takanodai Warehouse.
1972 Capital increased to 198 million Japanese Yen
1973 Established the second factory in Saitama.
1973 Established Ikebukuro Branch.
1977 Opened new Head Office at Miharadai, Nerima-ku, moved from Shakujii Factory.
1978 Capital increased to 277,2 million Japanese Yen.
1981 Capital increased to 360,36 million Japanese Yen.
1982 Established the third factory in Saitama.
1983 Capital increased to 400 million Japanese Yen
1987 Established Sendai Branch.
1988 Capital increased to 440 million Japanese Yen.
1989 Established Hiroshima Branch
1991 Established Shizuoka Branch.
1993 Capital increased to 484 million Japanese Yen.
1995 Obtained ISO9001 certification in whole company. (JQA)
1996 Established Taiyo Stainless Spring (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
1998 Established group company Taiyo Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
1998 Obtained ISO14001 certification in whole company. (JQA)
2000 Integrated Ikebukuro Branch to the Head Office.
2002 Established Taiyo Stainless Spring (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
2002 Changed the organization for ISO management systems from JQA to J-VAC(Japan Value-Added Certification Co., Ltd.)
Registered No for Quality:JVAC-QM0001
Registered No for Environment:JVAC-EM0001
2004 Established Taiyo Stainless Spring (Thailand) Co., Ltd in Bangkok as the third company incorporated abroad.
2009 Established 08 Center to transfer Takanodai Warehouse and Shakujii Factory.
2010 Merger with Taiyo Ceramics Co., Ltd., a group company.
2012 Established local company Taiyo Stainless Spring MFG (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as the first overseas production base in Pinton Industrial Park in Chonburi Province, Thailand.
2014 Watarase factory is established in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture.
2016 Shizuoka office moved to Hamamatsu City for distribution and convenience.
2018 Tochigi Chizuka factory is established in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture.