Sales / Manufacturing Bases

08 Center


08 Center operates a distribution center that conducts weighing / packaging, stock management, and shipment, and a factory that conducts mold designing / manufacturing, product assembling and processing.


Mold Processing

Form designing to manufacturing of molds / dies used in production, Taiyo Stainless Spring carries out everything in-house. As a result, we are committed to achieving low cost and short delivery times, as well as flexibly responding to product specifications, maintaining confidentially, and safely storing molds.



We conduct automatic assembly of products such as Double Pins.


Automatic Measuring

For products that require, we check measurements for keeping high performance / quality.


Weighing and Packaging

Custom Order products (ordered items) that we produce are packaged according to customer specifications.
We package our Standard Products according to our own specifications.


Stock Management → Retrieval → Shipment

The packaged products are stored in our automatic warehouse in the correct inventory quantity, and are delivered according to customer’s delivery conditions, and shipped to domestic and overseas destinations.