Standard ProductsStraight Slotted Spring Pins for General Purposes

スプリングピン ストレート形 一般用


These products are made from plate materials which have spring properties processed with rolling up technique and the joint portion will have a slot. These are used to retain radial spring force and used as parts for pins or hinges. In the case of receiving dynamic load, specifying the insert direction is recommended.
→As for the information about technology, please refer to the Technical information.
※Materials:SUS420J2,spring steel.

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Ends of the pin are processed with drawing to prevent tangling with each other. This type has 2-3% higher shear strength compared to the toothed type, thus it is suitable for places where dynamic or impact loads are exerted. Customers can choice materials depending on the applied parts, the usage condition and the circumstance in use.

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Examples of use

Straight Slotted Spring Pins for General Purposes
Spring pin is used for the hinge of a door knob.