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【Accurate Shaft】

【Coating Shaft】

【Suspension wire】

【MPO Guide Pins】

【Accurate Shaft】
Precision shafts finished with center-less grinding following the material cutting work with high roundness, straightness and controlled surface roughness. We provide not only the straight but also stepped shaft, D-cut processed shaft, hole cut shaft, knurled shaft and thread cut shaft. As for the shaft end, we provide the round, chamfer and spherical shapes also. The outside dimension can be selected from the order of micrometers.

【Coating Shaft】
These shafts are coated with plastics and finished with center-less grinding. The products have high quality and precision in such point as the sliding property, abrasion resistance, roundness and surface roughness. The processing size range is around 0.3 to 10 mm in diameter. (The processing size range has some conditions.)

【Suspension wire】
These products are phosphor bronze or copper-beryllium alloys machined with our self-manufactured micro cutting machine and have good straightness. They are used in applications such as the optical pickup actuator.
The processing size range is around 0.08 to 0.11 mm in diameter. (The processing size range has some conditions.)
※Materials:copper alloys.

【MPO Guide Pins】
Guide pins for a optic fiber connector.
We are able to manufacture Grade A,B,C and D of the external diameter tolerance. Low-price stock order of the market standard product size is in preparation now(extra corrosion resisitancy,extra hardness,or non-magnetics will be available).
※Material : SUS420F,SUS303,or other.
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General product name

Parallel pin, shaft, coating shaft, parallel pin, micro parallel pin, suspension wire, pin, stepped shaft, threaded shaft, MPO guide pin

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Examples of use

Shaft parts
【Suspension wire】It is used as the suspension parts of the optical pickup lens.